I'm very happy to announce that after 10 years, The New Heroes is finally re-released under a new arrangement with Sugo Music. The original record label dissolved in 2007 and the record remained unavailable until the rights returned to me. I chose to stream the record for free on my website for all these years because I wanted it to be heard. I also wanted the stories of these brave social entrepreneurs to be told. 

Now, there is a perfect opportunity to see what these Heroes have been up to for all these years. Most notably, two of them have won the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! That's what I call making the world a better place.

Muhammad Yunus and Kaillash Satyarthi

I hope that you will enjoy this music and be inspired by the great work of these people and the many others from The Skoll Foundation and Ashoka who are proving their faith in humanity every day.

Follow this link to Stories and Publicist information

Follow this link to Stories and Publicist information