Mimi Silbert and "Amnesty"   

Mimi Silbert and "Amnesty"


Something breezy for a Friday tune...

I wrote this for Mimi Silbert from Delancey Street here in San Francisco. It was during the time that I was composing for The New Heroes and I wanted to score a short section that highlighted the restaurant that Delancey staffs with ex-cons from their foundation. If you don't know about them, definitely click the link above for an inspiring tale. When we released the New Heroes record, Delancey Street hosted the release event in their theater space. 

That's Terry Disley on Piano, long time friend and musical hero Ed McClary on drums and Daniel D-Lucca Parenti on acoustic bass. I had the easy part... I wrote a simple tune, brought in excellent players and asked them to watch the film, think about what Delancey Street was trying to accomplish, and then sat back and let them record. Priceless.

Although only a tiny portion of this made it onto the film, as intended, I thought it would be fun to share the unedited improvisation. In fact, you might enjoy the long vamp at the end... I was enjoying the jam so much that I neglected to cue the end, so they just kept vamping until I realized I was still producing a track instead of just being a fan.