The opening theme for The New Heroes features sounds and instruments from different times and places, but all seem to have a common thread of hope and salvation. The voice of Titos Sompa from the album "Mbongi". The flute of I Sing Lama, the player who walked from India to join Paul Horn and I in a session in Nepal, the children from an open air girls school in Fiji with birds flying in and out of the room... all were moments that left me in awe of the power of humanity for good.


The rim of a car wheel hangs from a tree in Children’s Town in Zambia where it is rung like a school bell every day. These are the voices of Moses Zulu and the teachers that bring in AIDS orphans and become their parents, their mentors and their protectors. Kalimba from Titos Sompa plays from a jam we once had in my garage, black and white footage is from a concert we did together when we were very young. We're still here.


Composition from The New Heroes by Christopher Hedge featuring the voices of world changers with images of their social projects. The song features two Nobel Peace Prize winners, Muhammad Yunus and Kailash Satyarthi.


DREAMS OF SANCTUARY  - The New Heroes with Robert Redford - Episode 1

TECHNOLOGY OF FREEDOM - The New Heroes with Robert Redford - Episode 2

POWER OF ENTERPRISE - The New Heroes with Robert Redford - Episode 3

THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE  - The New Heroes with Robert Redford - Episode 4