The Magic Shop Studio in Half Moon Bay

Inside the Magic Shop

Naturally, it's very creative to just be here, but we have worked very hard to make the technical studio transparent. Every acoustic instrument, microphone, computer and interface is set up so that you can simply create. With latest technology, it's virtually unlimited... 

I mean... there are literally WHALES jumping out the front window! 


I think I'll stay... like, forever.

OK... I just think it's the most beautiful studio in the world, as least in my humble opinion! But, you see, it's new... I'm excited.

After 20 years in the facility at South San Francisco, I've returned to my roots on the Beach in Half Moon Bay. This is where my first studio was when my dad encouraged me to build one of my own, way back when I was 25.

The studio in 1984

It was an amazing place, created by artist Michael Powers, and it's more beautiful today. At the time, the studio was in the A Frame, now it is in the dome building, in the front... at the beach.

Studio Console

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